About Us

E-commerce marketplaces, enterprise promotionals, gaming companies, global brands, and many others customers connect to the inklocker platform and API to send Direct-to-Garment (DTG) orders to be printed, fulfilled, and shipped by on-demand by our global network of fulfillment centers.

The inklocker model allows any company to easily scale up or scale down DTG printing. We empower clients to focus on the products they sell while our distributed network of trained DTG print shops fulfills orders.

Turn Around Time

Our process of pairing technology with the training and support of DTG print shops results in a turn around time of 48 hours or less.

Print Quality

Inklocker has compiled a knowledge base filled with details such as what pretreatment should, and should not, be used with what product SKU, how to get perfect artwork alignment 100% of the time, and more. We love sharing our DTG printing knowledge with print shops in our network to help them avoid costly errors and to ensure customers receive custom personalized products they love.


Inklocker fuses together printing expertise with technology to help DTG print shops and companies that sell DTG products to focus on what they do best – print or sell.

We remove the need for print shops to run marketing campaigns by sending them orders that result in 100% daily print utilization and we remove the need for those who sell DTG products to purchase expensive DTG printers. The result of our approach is decreased spend to operate a business, increased profit margins, and overall revenue and business growth.